How is it you can feel terrible and low and yet still feel pathetic about the reasons why!

Piss take

  • That feeling you get when you say something to someone by paraphrasing and they have to double check word for word what you've told then causing a pathetic argument about technicalities. The actual outcome hasn't changed not would it be different but typical two people have to get on their high horse about it. Haha but the thing I love is even though I "apologised" Nd said ok sorry for paraphrasing it read more like "grow the fuck up this id unimportant stop being a pussy" I between the lines : ) such a way with words laced with hate :)


I’m fairly certain I’ve reblogged this before, but goddamn, they’re all sO CUTE.

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This is probably one of my most favorite things to happen on Tumblr.

i am the latios one owo


They’ve added more!

Aaaah! Pokemons poking men! ;-))

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Dentist role play to help you relax. Watch and subscribe…He is one amazing ASMRist.


this made me smile too much.

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